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Summary of Benefits

Seniors Annual Travel (International)

The following Table summarises the benefits we can provide. Please refer to the Seniors One Trip Travel Insurance Policy Wording and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for detailed descriptions of the cover and the terms, condition and exclusions.

Maximum benefit limits apply under each Plan, as set out in this Table. Where specified, sub limits also apply. The term “Unlimited” only means there is no specified dollar limit. Policy terms do however apply limits on what We will pay for such benefits.

If You are travelling with Dependent Children and/or Grandchildren and/or two (2) Unrelated Children on either Single or Joint Cover, the maximum benefit amounts We will pay for claims by You and any other persons covered (including the Dependent Children and/or Grandchildren and/or two (2) Unrelated Children) is twice the benefit shown in the table below.

The references to Sections is to the relevant Section in the PDS.

Seniors Annual Travel

Schedule of Benefits Worldwide Plan
1. Overseas Medical & Dental Expenses Unlimited
2. Additional Expenses Unlimited
2.1 Resumption of Journey (sub limit) $3,000
2.2 Special Events (sub limit) $2,000
2.4 If You Die (sub limit) $10,000
3. Loss of Deposits and Cancellation Charges Unlimited
Travel Agent’s Cancellation Fee (sub limit) Lesser of $750 or 15% of the refundable amount
4. Luggage and Travel Documents $12,000
4.1 Loss, Theft or Damage
a. Item Limit (each item) $750
b. Video & Electrical Equipment (sub limit) $3,500
4.2 Delayed Luggage Allowance
a. More than 24 hours (sub limit) $500
b. More than 72 hours (sub limit) $1,000
5. Replacement of Money $300
6. Rental Vehicle Excess $3,000
7. Travel Delay $1,200
8. Cash in Hospital
a. Daily Amount $100
b. Maximum Amount $8,000
9. Public Transport Hijacking
a. Daily Amount $1,000
b. Maximum Amount $15,000
10. Personal Liability $2,000,000
11. Accidental Loss of Life & Permanent Loss $50,000
Maximum amount for Dependent Children/Grandchildren/Unrelated Children:
a. Accidental Loss of Life $1,000
b. Permanent Loss $10,000


The excess is the first amount of a claim which You must bear. We do not pay for this amount. The Policy excess is $100 for international plans (GST is not applicable for international plans).

Due to legislation in Australia, medical expenses for treatment and services received in Australia are not payable under this Policy.

All benefit limits are in Australian currency (AUD).