Your loved ones deserve peace of mind.

For many of us, friends and family are the most important thing in life. You can always rely on them during hard times so it’s nice to ensure they’re looked after when it matters most. That’s where funeral insurance can help.

Funeral insurance gives your loved ones a lump-sum payout when you pass away, helping to cover your funeral or other expenses left behind. This makes a difficult time much easier for those closest to you, letting them honour your last wishes without the added stress or expense.

Here are some common reasons to consider funeral insurance for you and your loved ones:

Leaving your family with one less worry

The last thing your family needs when you’re gone is to worry about finances. Unfortunately, the average cost of a funeral alone is over $7,000. That can be very difficult for loved ones to pay on such short notice.

With funeral insurance, you can choose a benefit amount of up to $15,000 which your family can use to pay for your funeral.

Settle your unpaid debts

It’s common to leave behind unpaid expenses when you pass away. On top of the cost of your funeral, there may also be outstanding debts or bills that you haven’t had a chance to settle.

That’s why funeral insurance is designed as a lump-sum payout. Your beneficiaries can use the money wherever it’s needed most, so they’re not left to find the money at a difficult time.

Give your family peace of mind today

When you take out Seniors Funeral Insurance, you can set the amount your family will receive - up to $15,000. If the premiums you’ve paid over the years exceed your set benefit amount, your family will receive the total of all premiums instead. That means you’ll never have to worry about paying more in than your family will get back in return.

You can see our Frequently Asked Questions or Product Disclosure Statement for more information. Call our friendly team today to discuss your family’s needs on 1300 078 596.

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Everything you need to know about funeral insurance

Need more help deciding?

Request a FREE information pack

Everything you need to know about funeral insurance

Funeral Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

How does Funeral Insurance work?

Funeral insurance is paid in the form of a lump sum benefit your family can use to pay immediate expenses, such as your funeral service or any outstanding debts you may have.

You choose a cover amount to suit you, and pay ongoing premium payments, usually fortnightly or monthly. In the event of a claim, your beneficiary will receive your cover amount.

Is Funeral Insurance Tax deductible

In most cases, funeral insurance premiums are not tax deductible. But there’s generally no tax on the benefits that you or your beneficiaries will receive.

However, it’s always possible that tax laws may change in future. What’s more, this may not apply to your specific situation. So, it’s important to seek qualified professional advice about the tax implications of any insurance product.

Do premiums go up?

With some providers, the answer might be ‘yes’, but with Seniors Funeral Insurance Top Cover we promise your premiums will never increase and will reduce by 5% for every 5 years your policy is in force.

When the time comes, your loved ones will be paid either your cover or all of the premiums that you’ve paid – whichever is greater. This is subject to you keeping your policy in force and without changing your level of cover.

Can I buy funeral insurance for my parents?

Yes - As long as your parents are Australian residents under the age of 79 you’re eligible to apply for Seniors Funeral Insurance.

What is ‘Accidental Death’?

An ‘Accidental Death’ is a death occurring as the direct result of an Accident and where death occurs within 90 days of the Accident.

An ‘Accident’ means an event resulting in bodily injury occurring, where the injury is directly and solely caused by accidental, violent, external and visible means without any other contributing causes and where the injury is not self-inflicted.

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Cover is for Accidental Death only in the first 12 months; death due to any cause thereafter.

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