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Funeral Insurance Claims

Need to make a claim?

We understand how difficult it can be to face the loss of a loved one. That’s why the benefit is paid as soon as we receive the completed claim documents, without any unnecessary delay. Accidental Death claims will be paid as soon as proof of Accidental Death is received.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Your beneficiary, family member or yourself should call us on 1300 737 697 and let us know that a claim will be lodged. We will provide you with a Claim form once notified of the claim.
  2. Collate these completed forms and documents:
  • Claim form
  • A certified copy of evidence of death
  • A certified copy of evidence of deceased’s age
  • A certified copy of proof of your identity and your relationship to the deceased
  1. Complete all forms provided by your claims agent, and send them along with all required documentation to our:

    Postal address:
    Australian Seniors Insurance Agency
    PO Box 6728
    Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

Important information

  • Make sure you read the claim form carefully and complete it in full. If you don’t we will need to send the form back to you to complete.
  • When supplying proof of identification, please make sure each item is valid and hasn’t expired.
  • Identification supplied needs to match the name on the claim form (e.g. if the claim form is in the person’s married name then the identification needs to be in the married name).
  • All documents provided other than the claim form need to be certified.
  • We may need further information to assess the claim and if so we will be in contact with you.
  • If we are unable to pay your claim, we will explain why and you will also be provided with the opportunity to present extra information to support your claim.

For further information, please refer to our Funeral Insurance FAQ page.