How to find travel insurance as a senior

The last few years have been tough on people who love to travel. With the pandemic sweeping the globe and so many travel restrictions, many travellers had to keep their passports locked away. Sydney airport is nearly back to pre-pandemic pax numbers, with numbers similar across the nation. Put simply, people want to travel, and they want to travel like they used to.

The Australian Seniors Travel Trends report took an in depth look into travel in a post-pandemic world, and overseas journeys are back on the cards. As of 2022, two in three seniors (66%) had reported that they had not had a “big” holiday for nearly three years. So, how can you find travel insurance for seniors that covers you for your adventures?

What’s involved when you travel as a senior, and how hard is it to get travel insurance when you’re older? There’s one thing that many older Australians feel might get more difficult as they age: getting travel insurance that covers their needs.

Do any age limits apply when purchasing travel insurance?

The good news for senior travellers is that, although age limits do apply for policies, some comprehensive, domestic and non-medical plans are available to travellers of all ages. This is great news if you’re planning a solo travel trip or are travelling with your family.

Age might generally be a factor to consider if you’re considering certain types of plans, such as the Seniors Travel Insurance Multi-Trip plans, as these are only available to travellers who are under a certain age. Note also that this age is calculated at the time your Certificate of Insurance is issued. If you want to extend your travel insurance policy after you’ve begun your journey, age limits may again apply.

What if I have a pre-existing medical condition - can I still get travel insurance?

Under a Seniors Travel Insurance policy, a pre-existing medical condition is an illness or ailment that you had prior to the commencement of your policy.  Each travel insurance provider may have their own definition of a pre-existing medical condition so it’s important to carefully review the terms of the policy you’re looking at signing up for, to see what limits and exclusions may apply to pre-existing conditions. Does that mean you can’t get travel insurance if you have a pre-existing medical condition? No.

The good news is that even with many pre-existing medical conditions, you could still be eligible for cover for selected benefits under a Seniors Travel Insurance Comprehensive, Multi-Trip or Domestic travel insurance plan in many cases. When you apply, you’ll need to disclose your medical condition and your insurer will advise you whether the condition can be included under your policy. You can call up your travel insurance contact centre to discuss this so you understand exactly what’s involved.

What type of travel insurance can I get as a senior?

Depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing, there are so many options when it comes to travel insurance as a senior. Love cruising? Then Seniors Travel Insurance may offer optional add-ons to certain plans for an added cost, such as a Cruise Pack, which is designed to cover onboard medical costs, shore evacuation, cabin confinement and more.1 Some travellers might find other types of travel insurance that offer other optional add-ons such as an Adventure Pack, a Snow Pack, or more, however please note that there may be an age eligibility, and it's always important to consider your needs and options when selecting your travel insurance.

In addition, you can get a Seniors Travel Insurance as a single, a duo or a family; with options for Domestic, Essential, Multi-Trip and Comprehensive plans.

What do older Australians love about travel?

According to the Australian Seniors Travel Trends report:

  • The types of holidays taken by seniors are mostly self–driving holidays (31%) and beach holidays (28%).
  • The preferred experiences for the next holiday are historical/cultural (40%) and food and wine (35%).
  • The biggest motivations for travel during the holidays are a chance to relax (65%) and learning about the world (51%).

This shows seniors are breaking the stereotypes and dispelling the myths that they don’t want physically demanding holidays or that they don’t want to travel to places that they’re unfamiliar with. Seniors are an adventurous bunch and now that travel is back on the cards for many, people are using this opportunity to pack their bags, pull on their walking shoes and plan their next exciting getaway.

Consider travel insurance before you travel

Travelling can be fun but things could still go wrong and you might end up dealing with something unexpected. Seniors Travel Insurance could help if something goes wrong. Get a quote today.

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  1. Terms, conditions, limits, sub-limits and exclusions apply.  For full details and to decide which cover is right for you, you must read our Product Disclosure Statement.


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