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The Good Farewell

It’s important to make your final wishes known in writing.

It’s said that death and taxes are the only two inevitabilities in life. We do plenty of financial planning, but a survey published in the Internal Medicine Journal found only 14% of Australians have written an Advance Care Directive (ACD) for later years.

Also called a ‘living will’, an ACD outlines your preferences for future care, and nominates a decision maker, if you become unable to make decisions. It’s an important step to take. The Australian Seniors Series: Ageing Perception survey found that 48% of seniors taking part had made a will, but only 30% had informed families of their wishes for their final days.

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Miriam Margolyes: The loud and proud Australian

She has a career spanning five decades and is now an Australian citizen. She shares with us her life lessons.

"I am a fat, old, very opinionated Jewish lesbian. I’m a jolly good actor. I can be quite charming when I want to be, but I am also very forthright. I like to speak the truth about my feelings. I don’t need or expect people to like me, though I am quite glad if they do.

I have always spoken my mind, even as a young woman growing up in a world that didn’t seem very amenable or accommodating to people with strong opinions like mine. I’m not complaining about it. In fact, I welcome it because it means that in drawing criticism, I’ve almost certainly prodded a raw spot, and I like to stir the pot."

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Empty nesters: moving on when children leave home

Many say that when their children leave home, their heart leaves too.

When the time came for Laura Burton’s oldest daughter Evelyn to leave home, she thought she was more than prepared for it. Laura knew that Evelyn would be going to university at some point. She wanted to be a doctor, after all, and of course that meant she had to study somewhere.

But what Laura had not considered was that Evelyn wanted to study at a university in London, not Sydney where Laura and her family lived.

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Rescue pets: giving a greyhound a home

How greyhounds, an ancient and noble breed, are making their way into our hearts and homes.

Jeremy Richman first laid eyes on the “most marvellous addition to our lives” on a charity website. “I was on the Greyhound Rescue adoption page and there was LB,” says Jeremy of his beloved dog, now aged five. “I thought, she’s absolutely gorgeous.”

Jeremy, 62, who lives on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with his wife Ariella, brought LB – short for Long Black - home in 2018. As well as running a small marketing communications branding agency, he has a long involvement in animal welfare issues, which inspired his decision to adopt a greyhound.

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Sam Neill's dream world

Much-loved actor Sam Neill tells DARE why visitors to Central Otago will have the time of their lives.

Sam Neill’s connection with the Central Otago region of New Zealand seems serendipitous. Growing up in neighbouring Dunedin, he has happy memories of camping and fishing in summer, and skiing in winter every year. Nearly 40 years later, life came almost full circle.

“When I began to enjoy some success in films, I could afford to buy some property, and I returned here. It’s been my base since,” says Sam, 72. “It was the best thing I ever did.”

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A little extra on the side

If you’re tired of being retired, a rewarding side hustle awaits for extras and actors of a certain vintage.

A ‘loving grandfather’ or ‘terrifying CEO’ are David Bloom’s most in-demand personas. The 70-year-old retired clothing manufacturer from Sydney discovered he was a marketable commodity when he delved into the world of advertising as a featured extra.

“I’ve always been active. I figured with Australia’s growing aged community there must be a market for a guy like me and it has proven to be successful,” says David, who is starring in the new Australian Seniors TV advertisements and has also appeared in commercials for a major supermarket and other big businesses.

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Playing the pokies; when a flutter turns to heartbreak

Australians experience the biggest gambling losses in the world – and older women are especially vulnerable.

In clubs all over Australia today, locals will queue up for their cheap meals and be handed a $2 voucher. But if she’s watching, reformed gambling addict Anna Bardsley, 71, will despair. 

“Never underestimate the power of a $2 voucher,” she says – because where else can these visitors spend their $2 voucher but on the pokies? And when the machine screens have teased them into believing they’ve only just missed the jackpot, why stop at $2?"

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May I congratulate DARE magazine for its first edition. Content was spot on for pertinent and wide-ranging interests and issues facing seniors, and presentation was attractive and of a high standard.


I’d just like to thank you so much for the Security information given in your May-June issue of DARE…I had no idea that these ‘settings’ even existed! And I thought I was taking most precautions required to keep family members safe…I’ve done each of the 5 steps (page 85) and feel a lot more knowledgeable about what I click onto and what I CAN do now to make my life and others more secure. I will pass this information on. Great magazine! Thank you again!


I really enjoyed reading the new magazine. It came at the perfect time as I have some spare time on my hands. I actually sat down & read most of it one sitting. The contents was really interesting & easy to read with nice variety of relevant topics. Thanks so much! I will look forward to receiving edition 2 of DARE magazine.


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