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A lesson in happiness

Sometimes we need to stop and think: what really makes us contented and proud?

When my beloved grandfather died at the grand age of 100, I was asked to help clear his house. This meant I finally got to open the mysterious cupboard that had always been forbidden to us kids. And when I did, I was devastated.

I don’t know what I expected to find in that elusive vault of his but it certainly wasn’t what I discovered, which was every gift I’d ever given him, most still in its original wrap, from monogrammed hankies I purchased with pocket money to pricey single malts I sourced as an adult.

In fact, it looked like every present he’d ever received from anyone was in there, including those from his second wedding 60-odd years prior, judging from the dusty crystal glasses in their box and silver cutlery sets still sitting unmoved in velvet-lined cradles.

Seeing all these unused and unloved items made me sob. I couldn’t understand why he didn’t like what we had given him; why he still bought the cheapest versions of the little luxuries he sometimes treated himself to when he had all this nice stuff he could have enjoyed.

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The pros and cons of downsizing

While downsizing can be liberating, it is important to weigh up your options carefully before taking the leap.

Denise Bird loved the home she and her husband Vivian shared for 20 years in the leafy Canberra suburb of Cook. The house had five bedrooms, was in a great location and the couple enjoyed working together in their garden and restoring antiques.

After Vivian’s death in 2015, Denise, a retired public servant, was happy to stay put. “I was never going to move,” says Denise, 75. “As a war widow, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs provided me with help, so I was very comfortable.”

However, in 2018 something shifted. “My garden had become too much and I wanted more time to do things I enjoy, like my antiques, aqua aerobics and volunteering with Legacy [which helps the families of serving and former defence personnel]. I started looking to downsize.”

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The healing powers of dragon boating

These breast cancer survivors thrive on the healing powers of dragon boating.

With their roaring dragon head prows slicing through the water and the rhythmic sound of 20 paddlers locked in unison by the steady beat of the drum, a fleet of dragon boats is fast and furious.

Originally from the Pearl River Delta region of China 2,000 years ago, dragon boats were used to transport warriors into battle and took part in ceremonies to appease the rain gods. Once made of teak, now they’re carbon fibre, but the ceremonies they participate in are every bit as intense.

Dragons Abreast Brisbane (DAB) – Team Missabittatitti, are breast cancer survivors who swear by the healing powers of dragon boat racing. The ethos is inclusivity – no matter your age, size, or level of fitness, you can get in a boat.

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Cooking from the heart with Maggie Beer

Maggie Beer believes passionately in home-cooked family fare, piping hot and loaded with taste.

Legendary cook Maggie Beer has a simple piece of advice – and one that makes you think.

“There is a loss of knowledge about cooking, so people revert to convenience food and fast foods as first choice,” she says. “But you can do a beautiful meal as quickly as you can get into a car and go down to the shops to pick one up, or even quicker than Uber Eats.”

Maggie’s two daughters helped out in the family kitchen from the age of five – and both loved it. “I never really taught them how to cook, they were surrounded by it. We always have the basics of spinach, pumpkin and herbs growing in the garden – we aren’t a meat and three veg type of family."

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Explore a land of sweeping plains on the Indian Pacific

The Indian Pacific train journey, which crosses the continent, is celebrating its milestone 50th anniversary.

There’s a lot to be said for spending long hours doing little but staring out of a train window as a distant and unconnected landscape races by. It’s an enforced daydreaming that I always find soul-nourishing, a way of getting back in touch with my sense of self, removed from devices and distractions.

One of the world’s great train journeys is on the Indian Pacific, which traverses Australia from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, a distance of 4,352km. Over four days and three nights, the journey begins in either Perth or Sydney, carrying passengers across the arid Nullarbor Plain, which stretches for 1,100km between Western and South Australia, with brief stops in Kalgoorlie, Adelaide, Broken Hill and the Blue Mountains before reaching the coast. That’s a lot of time to truly relax.

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Beyond the blackened stump

The recent bushfires left unprecedented damage in their wake. An army of volunteers stepped in to help.

Bill Amor needs a plan, a routine, to get him up out of bed each day. And, with “the missus” away in China for six months, he knows he’s also going to need food and some company.

When the 71-year-old from western Sydney retired from the Department of Defence, his counsellor told him he should volunteer for everything that took his fancy. He took her advice. And in late 2019, he’d just finished doing six months in Townsville volunteering with incapacitated veterans, when the work of BlazeAid popped into his Facebook feed.

The volunteer-based charity was founded out of the ashes of the 2009 Black Saturday fires in Victoria, after farmer Kevin Butler got a hand fixing his burnt fences. He thought it’d be a great idea if everyone could get the same sort of help, so he founded BlazeAid to rebuild fences after fire, flood, cyclones and drought.

Since then, the organisation has been setting up around eight temporary camps in Australia each year. Until the recent bushfire disaster, that is. Since last spring, more than 40 camps have sprouted up faster than the green shoots bursting from the blackened eucalypts around them.

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Random acts of kindness

Good and generous deeds, performed across the country and repeated around the world, are keeping spirits high.

Emanouil Magriplis from Brisbane has a 16-year-old daughter who’d experienced a tough week working in a supermarket, with shoppers verbally abusing her about the shortages. However, one Friday, after the store closed, staff were called to the front desk to discover 19 pizzas for them to share, a gift from a nearby Domino’s. “My daughter was so happy, it really perked her up. A simple gesture can mean more than we can know,” says Emanouil.

Another teen, Maddi Cavallo, 17, working at a Melbourne Coles, reports she’s never felt more appreciated. “I’ve had so many lovely customers commend me for my efforts as a checkout chick and it warmed my heart so much. One elderly lady told me: ‘I know how crazy it has been lately and you’re doing a great job.’ Many of us worked such long hours to support the demand and kindness made our shift that bit better.”

Nicole Parr, a Woolworths customer service manager, observes: “So many lovely people have appreciated how hard we’ve worked. We’ve had customers giving chocolates, biscuits, thank you cards and even flowers!”

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