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DARE is the magazine for more than just readers. It’s your bi-monthly reminder to connect, explore, and indulge in the journey you’re on. Don’t just read it – DARE it.


From new relationships, lifelong anniversaries, pets and more, we’ll show you how to form lasting connections with the world around you. 


Go beyond the normal and into the new. Discover the world, and yourself, with travel tips, career pathways, emerging technology and more. 


Strengthen your mind with challenging puzzles and in-depth insights from the frontline of the world’s most pressing issues. 


Life is easier when it goes as planned. We tackle the daring questions to help you carve the way to success.


Keeping active and staying alert is the best insurance policy for enjoying retirement. Nurture your mind, body, and soul with new insights into healthy living.


We’ll show you how to make the things you love even better or help you find your new favourite pastime.

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Meet or beet?

Baby Boomers are Australia’s biggest converts to plant-based meat alternatives. But are these products really better for our health?

Gone are the days when the only plant-based alternative to meat at the shops was a veggie burger hiding at the back of the freezer. Today, supermarkets are reporting double-digit growth in the sector and there are whole sections dedicated to plant-based sausages, burgers and salami-style sandwich fillings, as well as cheeses derived from plant, rather than dairy, sources.

The rise is fuelled by demand. Australia is the third-fastest-growing vegan market in the world, according to Euromonitor International, with packaged vegan food fruit and vegetables are well regarded, are processed plant products any good for you? 

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On your bike

Love cycling but feel like you’re running out of steam? An electric bike may be the solution – here’s how to choose the best wheels for your needs.

Electric bikes make it easy to ride without breaking a sweat. But you can’t just sit back and let the cycle, known as an e-bike, do all the work. You still pedal, which activates a built-in electric motor that gives you an extra level of boost called ‘pedal assist’. This makes it easier to ride long stretches or tackle hills.

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“I’m weak – but still breathing”

Australia has done a remarkable job battling COVID-19, but for those who contracted the virus, symptoms might drag on for years. We speak to two survivors.

The term ‘long haulers’ is not an official medical expression, but it is being used to describe a significant number of COVID-19 survivors still suffering the symptoms in the weeks and months after receiving the all-clear. ‘Long COVID’ is still being explored by health professionals, with medical experts urging governments to do more to address the issue, noting that many patients already feel neglected and overlooked as authorities grapple with frontline cases.

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We just clicked again

Social media has made tracking down an old flame easy – but what are the consequences of reigniting a relationship that ran its course in the past?

School reunions once solved life’s great mysteries. Every 10 or 20 years you would dress up to the nines, edge into a community hall, accept your plastic cup of cheap wine and don a sticky white name tag. If you were lucky, your name was spelt correctly. And there the mysteries unfolded – who left town, who had plastic surgery, and who really followed their dreams. Just sometimes, you’d chat to your old schoolyard crush.

Modern social media has killed most of that mystery. These days, Facebook or Instagram can show you exactly who is where, and who ended up with whom. For some, that can mean a fond trip down memory lane, but for others perhaps not happy in their current relationship, what begins as innocent curiosity can lead to the breakdown of their marriage. 

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Age discrimination: how to overcome it at work

As some firms come clean on refusing to hire over 50s, we report on the seniors bucking the trend - and the priceless skills they are bringing to new roles.

Discrimination crops up in many forms throughout life. Often, it affects people – directly or indirectly – on the basis of gender, sexuality or race. However, as sure as death and taxes, those of us lucky enough to reach the age of 50 and beyond are likely to face age discrimination, especially at work. 

In 2018, the Australian Human Rights Commission undertook a survey in conjunction with the Australian Human Resources Institute on ageism in the workplace. “We surveyed more than 900 human resources personnel,” says Age Discrimination Commissioner Dr Kay Patterson. “Sadly, 30% of them said there was an age at which their company was not prepared to employ people, and [for the majority of them] that age was 50 and above. So, in effect, these companies are breaching the Age Discrimination Act, which came into being in 2004.

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Shake, rattle and roll

Rockabilly dancers Lyn and husband Peter share stories of life on the road – taking inspiration from a medley of Elvis hits. 

Their home is Kootingal, in North West NSW, but they're only there for nine or ten weeks a year.

Each year they clock up around 30,000-40,000km. In a normal year, they start off in January with the Elvis Festival in Parkes, hit the Nambucca dance weekend in February and then do the Kurri Kurri Nostalgia Festival in March.

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I’d just like to thank you so much for the Security information given in your May-June issue of DARE…I had no idea that these ‘settings’ even existed! And I thought I was taking most precautions required to keep family members safe…I’ve done each of the 5 steps (page 85) and feel a lot more knowledgeable about what I click onto and what I CAN do now to make my life and others more secure. I will pass this information on. Great magazine! Thank you again!


I really enjoyed reading the new magazine. It came at the perfect time as I have some spare time on my hands. I actually sat down & read most of it one sitting. The contents was really interesting & easy to read with nice variety of relevant topics. Thanks so much! I will look forward to receiving edition 2 of DARE magazine.


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