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Pay as You Drive Insurance

Innovative car insurance for people who drive less

If you want the security of Comprehensive car insurance but you only drive a little, then Pay as You Drive cover could be for you.

Available exclusively to those who drive less, Pay as You Drive offers all the benefits of Comprehensive insurance for a competitive price because you only pay for the kilometres you plan to drive. And if you need more, you can always top up your cover. Simple!

Find out if you qualify and get a quote today, call 13 13 43.

Complete cover that rewards you for driving less

  • Get Comprehensive cover for less, by only paying for the kilometres you plan to drive – so the less you drive, the more you save
  • Top up your kilometres in minutes with a single phone call
  • 24/7 claims lodgement and emergency assistance

How it works

Be rewarded for driving less

Pay as You Drive insurance is exclusively available to people who drive less than the average for their age and postcode.

It only takes a few moments to check that you qualify and apply:

STEP ONE: Get a quote Call us on 13 13 43 or Get a Quote & Buy Online, and tell us how many kilometres you plan to drive each year. We’ll let you know if you qualify and give you a quote.
STEP TWO: Provide your start odometer Next, you will need to provide the start odometer reading of your car when you purchase the policy. Your end odometer reading is calculated by adding the amount of kilometres you plan to you drive to the start odometer reading that you have disclosed.
STEP THREE: Top up your kilometres

If at anytime during the year you are coming close to your end odometer reading, simply call us to top up your kilometres. This will increase your end odometer reading. (You’ll need to pay extra premium to increase your end odometer reading)

If you make a claim at a time when you’re above the end odometer reading shown on your Certificate of Insurance, then you’ll need to pay the basic excess, an Outside odometer excess and any other applicable excesses at the time of a claim.

Quick Cover Guide#

Third Party Property Damage Essential cover for the cost of repairing or replacing someone else’s property damaged in an accident where you were at fault


Collision Protection against the cost of accidental damage to your car if you’re in an accident with another vehicle or object, no matter whether you’re at fault. Also protects your car when it’s parked


Theft and Malicious Damage Protection against theft and deliberate damage, including arson


Natural Events Covers you for damage to your car caused by wind, storm, lightning, hail, bushfire, earthquake, tsunami, flood or any other damage caused by a natural weather event


Fire Protection against damage from other fires, such as house fires, not caused by theft, malicious damage, collision or natural events


New for old replacement If your car is a total loss in the first 24 months, we may replace it with a brand new car - and pay your on-road costs as well.


Hire car after theft – up to $70 per day for up to 14 days If your car is stolen, we will organise the hire of a car for you or reimburse you the cost of hiring a car.


Guarantee on repairs Use one of our specially selected repairers when you make a car claim, and we will guarantee their repairs


Flexible payment options Choose between different payment options to suit your needs


Agreed value Enjoy more control and peace of mind by choosing the agreed value your car is insured for


Hassle free claims Make a claim in minutes online 24 hours a day or over the phone, with no paperwork and your own personal claims manager to make things easy


Emergency repairs and towing costs We’ll pay for emergency repairs or towing costs after an accident or theft, so you won’t be left stranded


14 day money-back guarantee If you cancel your policy within 14 days without making a claim, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.


Complete Protection#

We’ve designed our Comprehensive car insurance to give you maximum protection for real peace of mind. You’ll benefit from the same great savings as our other cover options, plus special features like new for old replacement and a guarantee on repairs. And you’ll also enjoy extra cover, including:

Personal property cover If you have valuables in your car and they’re damaged in an accident, we cover them too


Trailer and caravan repairs If your trailer or caravan is attached to your car in an accident we’ll help cover the cost of repairs


Emergency travel and accommodation costs So your plans won’t be ruined just because your car is out of action


Emergency repairs After an accident or theft, so you won’t be stranded


Lock and key replacement A new lock and keys or a recoded lock If your car keys are stolen


Transit cover Protection against damage to your car when it’s being transported


Substitute car cover Third party property cover when your car is out of action and you’re using another car (not a hire car)


A choice of excess Choosing a higher excess to pay in the event of a claim can reduce the premium you pay


Child safety seats and prams We even pay up to $500 to help you replace child safety seats, baby capsules and prams damaged as part of your claim.


Compare Pay As You Drive to traditional comprehensive car insurance

Why does Pay as You Drive cost so much less?

Many of the things you insure your car against happen only when you’re driving – like crashing into another car. So if you drive less, you’re less likely to make an accident and claim. That means it costs us less to cover you. With Pay as You Drive, we give those savings back to you.

See how it compares to traditional car insurance:

pay as you drive traditional car insurance
Enjoy comprehensive cover
Enjoy comprehensive cover
Pay only for the kilometres you plan to drive Pay the same amount no matter how much you drive
Save when you drive less than your neighbours. Subsidise your neighbours by paying the same premiums they do, even though you drive less.

Great Savings

Australian Seniors is all about affordable, easy to understand insurance. Where we can save you money, we will.
Here are some of the ways we help you save:

  • Choose your own agreed value for cover
  • Choose a higher excess to save on premiums.

Optional extras

Click on the below headings to find out more.

It's bad enough having your car damaged or stolen - it's even worse if you're left stranded without a car. But by adding optional hire car cover to your Comprehensive car insurance, you'll always be able to access a hire vehicle. So you won't have to put your life on hold if the unexpected happens.

A car when you need it

If your car is stolen or can't be driven due to an accident, we'll pay for the cost of a hire car of a similar standard. So you'll always be able to afford a hire car when you need it most.

Choose your level of cover

You can choose between 10 and 20 days' worth of cover, so you can get the level of protection you need, while keeping your premiums low.

One piece of gravel is all it takes to damage your windscreen. And while the cost of replacing your windscreen can leave you seriously out of pocket, it's often lower than the excess on your car insurance policy, leaving you without the option to claim.

When it comes to windscreens, even a small amount of damage can mean a big bill. If the damage is bigger than a 20-cent piece, the whole windscreen will need to be replaced. And if it's in front of the driver, even a small chip will mean a new windscreen.

By adding optional windscreen cover to your Australian Senior Comprehensive car insurance, you'll be protected against the cost of any damage to your car windscreen. Best of all, you can claim without paying any excess.

Repairs you can trust

Australian Seniors windscreen cover gives you access to fast, professional repairs. Our preferred supplier ensures your repairs are carried out in accordance with the latest Australian standard, so you'll know that the job's done right.

Complete cover for windscreen damage

You are covered for the cost of repairing or replacing your windscreen if it's accidentally broken.

Excess-free cover

There's no excess for the first claim of each insurance period.

Access to professional windscreen repairs you can trust

Get professional, local service with The National Windscreen Group. With 145 locations around Australia, you're never far from fast, quality repairs.

Nothing's worse than a breakdown, especially on a busy road or late at night. But with Road Care you can relax, knowing that you can get help fast.

A phone call is all it takes to get expert mechanical assistance with breakdowns, batteries, flat tyres and more - anytime, anywhere in Australia.

Help when you need it - anytime

Our dedicated roadside assistance team is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year, so you'll never be left without help.

Australia-wide assistance

Roadside assistance covers you no matter where you are - whether it's a Sydney peak hour or off the beaten track in Broken Hill. So you can feel confident knowing that help's at hand, wherever you are.

# This is a summary of our car insurance policy features and benefits. For full details and to decide which cover is right for you, you must read our Product Disclosure Statement.

Road Care is provided by International SOS (Australasia) Pty Ltd. ABN 83 052 247 104 trading as International SOS. Australian Seniors Insurance Agency is a proud partner of The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd. ABN 78 090 584 473. AFSL 241436.