Because vet bills can be expensive – but your pet is priceless

Right now, your pet is thinking about you. That’s all they ever do – they make sure we’re safe and well, so it makes sense to return the favour. After all, preparing for the mischief your pet gets into is part of the journey, and your duty, as a loving pet owner.

Unfortunately, veterinary treatment can be very expensive – even a simple procedure can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. This means that many owners cannot afford to treat their four-legged friends when they need it most.

That’s where pet insurance comes in. Depending on your level of cover, pet insurance will reimburse you for up to 80% of eligible vet bills, helping you get the treatment your furry companion deserves.

Watch out for vet bills

Australians spend a substantial amount of money a year on vet bills for their cat or dog. The cost of treatment has risen so high that even a simple procedure can cost you thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, this means many owners won’t be able to afford treatment for their pets when they need it most. 

With pet insurance, you’ll always be sure that your beloved cat or dog will get the best possible care – without worrying about the cost.

Consider Seniors Pet Insurance

At Australian Seniors, we believe that older pet owners are wiser ones too. That’s why we offer affordable pet insurance at a 10% discount for over 50s, letting you enjoy those fun moments with your cat or dog without worrying about their wellbeing. 

With Seniors Pet Insurance, your best friend is covered for a variety of treatments, including added benefits like emergency boarding if you are hospitalised or overseas care at no extra cost.

For a full list of benefits and plans, as well as general exclusions, head to our Pet Insurance page. You can also find out more with our Frequently Asked Questions or Policy Booklet.

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Everything you need to know about pet insurance

Why Seniors Pet Insurance?

Your pet can be full of surprises, so we keep the insurance part simple and easy. With Seniors Pet Insurance, you get:

Benefits of choosing Seniors Pet Insurance

A choice of three levels of cover – we understand that every pet is different, so we offer three levels of cover to help you find the perfect plan for your breed and budget.

No excess – life is already stressful when your pet is unwell, so we make claims easy by allowing you to claim up to 80% of eligible vet bills with no excess to pay.

Added extras, without the added cost – get overseas cover and emergency boarding included in your policy at no extra cost.

In-home vet visits – we want your pet to feel right at home, so we cover the extra convenience of in-home vet visits when a trip to the vet is not possible.

Why Australian Seniors

You and your family need insurance that delivers real value. With Australian Seniors, you get just that and more. 

Peace of mind

Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your policy is backed by world-leading underwriters.

Award-winning insurance

We’ve got years of experience, helping you to protect your family and assets with award-winning products and award-winning service.

Dedicated to seniors

We believe insurance should meet your needs, not someone else’s. That’s why we focus on providing the best possible cover for Australians over 50.

Backed by experience

We’ve been doing what we love for years, just like you. Put yourself in good hands with Australian Seniors.

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Everything you need to know about pet insurance

Pet Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my pet have to be for insurance?

You can cover your dog or cat as soon as they are eight weeks old. Please note that a maximum age limit also applies to our policies. For our Top or Essential Cover, your pet must be under nine years old to apply. For our Basic Accident & Illness Cover, your pet must be under 16 years old to apply.

Will my pet be covered when it gets older?

Yes. Once you have insurance for your pet, you can keep renewing your policy with us for the rest of its life – as long as we continue to offer the product, and there isn’t a break in your cover, with cover subject to the terms and conditions of your renewal policy.

Will I have to pay an excess?

No. There’s no excess to pay – so depending on your level of cover, you may get back up to 80% of all your eligible vet expenses.

Will my pet be covered for hereditary problems?

Hereditary and congenital conditions will eligible for cover if they have not shown noticeable signs, symptoms or an abnormality at any time before the first policy period or during any applicable waiting period.

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