Seniors Funeral Insurance

Australian Seniors guaranteed acceptance funeral cover provides a quick payout of up to $15,000 for any sudden expenses that come up should you pass away. It’s a simple way to look out for yourself and the people you love, giving you total peace of mind for the future.

The money can go towards funeral costs, outstanding debts, or just to help loved ones through a hard time. Whatever it’s for, we usually pay within one business day of receiving your completed claim, so you and your family are always prepared for life’s financial worries.

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Life Insurance Code of Practice

Life Insurance Code of Practice

We proudly comply with the Life Insurance Code of Practice, so you can be sure you’ll receive the highest standard of service with the Australian Seniors team.

Benefits of choosing Seniors Funeral Insurance

Choose a level of cover that suits you

Seniors Funeral Insurance pays a lump sum to your family from $3,000 to $15,000 upon your death, with cover for Accidental Death only in the first 12 months.

A quick payout to your family

Claims are usually paid within 1 business day of all completed documentation being received, so you can be sure your family has the financial help they need with little fuss.

Receive your covered amount, or all of the premiums you’ve paid in

When you make a claim under our Top Cover policy, your family will receive the covered amount or all of the premiums you’ve paid in – whichever is greater.1

Getting cover is easy

If you’re an Australian resident aged 18 to 79, you’re guaranteed cover. No medical screening, complicated paperwork or blood tests required.

Costs that go down instead of up

We promise that your premiums will reduce by 5% every five years you hold your policy.

More control over your policy

Choose a payment frequency that works for you and your budget and list up to 5 different beneficiaries.

Early cash back option

With our Top Cover, you have the choice to cancel cover when you turn 85 to receive an Early Cash Back payment of 150% of your benefit.2

Triple benefit for Accidental Death

From the day your Policy starts, your loved ones will receive triple your benefit amount if your death is the result of an accident – up to $45,000.

Triple benefit for Accidental Serious Injury

Seniors Funeral Insurance includes, at no extra cost, Accidental Serious Injury cover at three times your chosen benefit amount. So you’re covered for defined significant life-changing events caused by an accident, up until the age of 75.³

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Our Seniors Promise

We believe caring for your family should be made simple, so here’s our promise to you when taking out a Top Cover policy:

  • You will never pay more than your family receives – when a claim is made, your family will receive either the agreed benefit amount OR the total of all premiums paid under your policy, whichever is greater.1

  • Your premiums will reduce by 5% every five years.

  • You can choose to cancel your policy and receive 150% of your benefit once you turn 85.2

Compare Funeral Insurance Products

The following table shows you how Seniors Funeral Insurance Top Cover compares against similar products available from other insurers.

Benefits Seniors Funeral Insurance Top Cover Insurer A Insurer B Insurer C
Accidental Death only period 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Extra Cover for Accidental Death Yes Triple benefit Yes Optional $1,000 - $50,000 (available for an extra premium) Yes Optional $1,000 - $50,000 (available for an extra premium) Yes Optional $1,000 - $50,000 (available for an extra premium)
When the time comes, your family will receive the Benefit Amount or premiums you’ve paid for your cover, whichever is greater1 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Early Cash Back
Once you turn 85, you can choose to cancel your cover to receive an Early Cash Back payment of your chosen benefit amount2
Yes150% of the Benefit Amount Yes120% of the Benefit Amount Yes120% of the Benefit Amount Yes120% of the Benefit Amount
Premium reduction as you get older Yes Reduce 5% every 5 years No No No
Levelled Premiums4 Yes Standard Yes Standard Yes Optional Yes Optional
Accidental Serious Injury Cover
Cover for defined significant life-changing events caused by an accident, up until the age of 753
Yes At no extra cost No No No
Early payout on diagnosis of Terminal Illness No No No No

This information is accurate as at 29 September 2020. This table compares a sample of policy features, but does not compare all aspects of each policy. There are also other policies available that have not been compared. Each insurer charges different prices for their cover, however, you should also consider the premium structure that is available. Policies which have a lower premium in the first year of cover may not always be cheaper over the long term.

Cover the people that matter most

Essential Funeral Insurance information

Funeral insurance provides your family with a lump-sum payout to help cover your funeral and other expenses when you pass away. It ensures your loved ones can honour your final wishes without the added financial or emotional stress during a difficult time.

The cost of a funeral can vary between $4,000 – $15,000.5 The exact amount will depend on the type of ceremony you choose as well as any other services carried out.

Funeral insurance is a guaranteed product that provides financial assistance to your family when you pass away. The money can be used to pay for your funeral or any other expenses as soon as they arise. By contrast, a pre-paid funeral plan requires you to pay for your funeral upfront before you pass away. A funeral bond is an investment that accrues money over time and can be withdrawn after you pass away, but this may not be enough to cover your funeral if the average costs have risen.

Funeral insurance is an important consideration for those who want to financially protect their family from their funeral and other final expenses.

Seniors Funeral Insurance provides guaranteed cover for any Australian resident aged between 18 to 79.

Give your family peace of mind. Your loved ones can use the lump sum wherever it’s needed most, so they’re not left to find a large sum of money at a difficult time. If the premiums you’ve paid over the years exceed your set benefit amount, your family will receive the total of all premiums instead; meaning you’ll never have to worry about paying more in than your beneficiaries will get back in return.

Why Australian Seniors

You and your family need insurance that delivers real value. With Australian Seniors, you get just that and more. 

Peace of mind

Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your policy is backed by world-leading underwriters.

Award-winning insurance

We’ve got years of experience, helping you to protect your family and assets with award-winning products and award-winning service.

Dedicated to seniors

We believe insurance should meet your needs, not someone else’s. That’s why we focus on providing the best possible cover for Australians over 50.

Backed by experience

We’ve been doing what we love for years, just like you. Put yourself in good hands with Australian Seniors.

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Everything you need to know about funeral insurance

Funeral Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

How does Funeral Insurance work?

Funeral insurance is paid in the form of a lump sum benefit your family can use to pay immediate expenses, such as your funeral service or any outstanding debts you may have.

You choose a cover amount to suit you, and pay ongoing premium payments, usually fortnightly or monthly. In the event of a claim, your beneficiary will receive your cover amount.

Is Funeral Insurance Tax deductible

In most cases, funeral insurance premiums are not tax deductible. But there’s generally no tax on the benefits that you or your beneficiaries will receive.

However, it’s always possible that tax laws may change in future. What’s more, this may not apply to your specific situation. So, it’s important to seek qualified professional advice about the tax implications of any insurance product.

Do premiums go up?

With some providers, the answer might be ‘yes’, but with Seniors Funeral Insurance Top Cover we promise your premiums will never increase and will reduce by 5% for every 5 years your policy is in force.

When the time comes, your loved ones will be paid either your cover or all of the premiums that you’ve paid – whichever is greater. This is subject to you keeping your policy in force and without changing your level of cover.

Can I buy funeral insurance for my parents?

Yes - As long as your parents are Australian residents under the age of 79 you’re eligible to apply for Seniors Funeral Insurance.

What is ‘Accidental Death’?

An ‘Accidental Death’ is a death occurring as the direct result of an Accident and where death occurs within 90 days of the Accident.

An ‘Accident’ means an event resulting in bodily injury occurring, where the injury is directly and solely caused by accidental, violent, external and visible means without any other contributing causes and where the injury is not self-inflicted.

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  1. This is subject to you keeping your policy in force and without changing your level of cover. There is no refund of premiums after the cooling off period. If your policy is cancelled prior to age 85, no benefit is payable.
  2. If you choose the Early Cash Back option, you will no longer be eligible to claim and you may receive less than the total premiums you’ve paid into your policy to date.
  3. Events covered by Accidental Serious Injury Insurance will vary between insurers. Accidental Serious Injury covers defined significant life-changing events caused by an accident until the age of 75.
  4. Level premiums are premiums that do not increase with time. The other type of premiums is stepped premiums which generally increase each year to take account of the increased risk to the insurer as you age.
  5. Paying for your funeral –  ASIC
  6. Australian Seniors Cost of Death Report – Australian Seniors 

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