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Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

If you are up to or including age seventy-five (75) the following medical conditions are automatically covered under this Policy, provided you satisfy the criteria.

If you are over age seventy-five (75), you will not be covered for any of the medical conditions listed below, irrespective of whether you meet the criteria.

The time frames applicable to each medical condition apply from the date of issue of Your Policy on Your Policy Schedule.

Condition Criteria
Asthma If you have not had an asthma attack requiring treatment by a Doctor in the last twelve (12) months.
Diabetes Non-insulin dependent If You were diagnosed over twelve (12) months ago and have not had any complications in the last twelve (12) months. You must also have a Blood Sugar Level reading between four (4) and ten (10).
Epilepsy If there are no underlying medical conditions and You have not required treatment by a Doctor for a seizure in the last twelve (12) months.
Gout If the gout has remained stable for the past six (6) months.
Hiatus Hernia If no surgery is planned in the next two (2) years.
Hip Replacement If performed more than six (6) months ago.
High Blood Pressure If you have no known heart conditions and your current blood pressure reading is below 165/95
High Cholesterol If you have no known heart conditions.
Peptic Ulcer If your condition has remained stable for more than six (6) months.
Prostate Cancer If you are no longer undergoing treatment and have a P.S.A. (Prostate Specific Antigen) reading of 3.0 or less.
Stroke If the stroke occurred more than twelve (12) months ago and no further rehabilitation or specialist review is planned.
Underactive Thyroid If not as a result of a tumor.