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Do you need funeral insurance?

Do you need funeral insurance?

If you don’t want to leave your loved ones with the bill for your funeral, funeral insurance can help them cover the cost.

Nobody likes to think about their own funeral. At the same time, you don’t want to leave your loved ones with a big bill when you pass away.

With the cost of the average funeral coming in between $4,000 and $15,000, funeral insurance can help make sure your loved ones have enough to cover the cost.

What is funeral insurance?

Funeral insurance helps to protect your loved ones from high funeral costs, with a lump sum payout when you die. It isn’t locked into a funeral company or director. So your family are free to spend the money where it’s needed most – whether it’s the on the funeral or to cover costs, like unpaid bills, you leave behind.

If you’re not able to put aside a lump sum to pay for your funeral, funeral insurance can be an ideal solution. By paying a regular premium that suits your budget now, you can make sure your loved ones will have access to the money they need.

How it works

First, you choose the amount of cover you want, depending on your budget, and who you’d like to receive the benefit. When you die, they’ll receive the payout quickly, so they won’t have to find the money to pay funeral costs themselves.

What to look for

Look for a policy where the premiums won’t get more expensive as you get older – that way you can afford to keep your policy no matter how long you live. Also, make sure you won’t end up paying more in premiums than your family gets back, with a policy that protects against this.

For example, with Seniors Funeral Insurance from Australian Seniors Insurance Agency, we promise that your premiums will get lower with age.

Best of all, with their Top Cover you have choice. This means, when the time comes, your family will receive your covered amount or all of the premiums you’ve paid in for your cover – whichever is greater OR once you turn 85 you can choose to cancel your cover to receive an Early Cash Back payment of 150% of your funeral insurance benefit.*

Find out more today

To give your family the gift of peace of mind after you pass away, simply contact Australian Seniors Insurance Agency on 13 13 43 or visit us at www.seniors.com.au.


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* If your policy is cancelled prior to age 85, no benefit amount is payable. If you change your cover our premiums will be affected. There is no refund of premiums after the cooling off period. If you choose the Early Cash Back option, you will no longer be eligible to claim and you may receive less than the total premiums you’ve paid into your policy to date.