Ageing in the Workforce - A Virtual Roundtable

Ageing in the Workforce - A Virtual Roundtable Ageing in the Workforce Roundtable explores the current experiences of seniors in the Australian workforce and how they feel about retirement. Watch the video or read through all the key talking points and access all the available Grants programs.

Australian Seniors recently held a virtual roundtable event exploring the findings from our latest research, Ageing in the Workforce 2021. This roundtable discussion was an important opportunity to shine a light on issues that are impacting our community such as ageism, an issue that 9 in 10 of seniors believe is common in the Australian workplace. 

To conduct the session, we partnered with some of Australia’s industry experts to start the conversation on how we can start to break down these issues and offer valuable advice for those of us who are still working, plus anyone who is considering re-entering the workforce. 

Top highlights

Strong desire to work longer

  • Did you know that over 3 in 4 seniors surveyed would want to keep working indefinitely if they were well supported and had flexible working conditions? Researcher, Tai Rotem, discusses the key research findings of the Ageing in the Workforce 2021 report. Time: 08:06

The benefits of working longer and later in life 

  • There are many benefits of working longer and later in life. Dr Marlene Krasovitsky and psychologist Humphrey Armstrong, explore the many positive social and personal benefits, including dignity, independence, a sense of a purpose, contribution, and social connectedness. Time: 17.03  

Stereotypes in the workplace 

  • Being afraid to use technology is just one of many annoying assumptions made about seniors - both at work and in society. Psychologist Humphrey Armstrong breaks down common stereotypes faced by seniors in the workplace and challenges their accuracy. Time: 21:07

How can we conquer age discrimination in the workplace?

  • There are many ways in which businesses and society can conquer age discrimination in the workplace. DARE Editor, Lisa Sinclair shares some great insight into how companies can be more accommodating of different life stages such as being flexible with the pressures of life, valuing experience, and providing training for employees to upskill and remain relevant. Time: 25:28

New work opportunities 

  • COVID has presented some more work opportunities for Australian seniors and companies who are seeking new talent. Now more than ever, working from home is widely accepted and flexibility is now part of the employment landscape in a way it has never been before, presenting a great opportunity for those over 50 to work in a flexible environment. Time: 37:54

Tips to consider when applying for your next job

  • Thinking of applying for a job? DARE Editor, Lisa Sinclair shares some great tips to take into consideration when applying for your next role. There are some great resources and courses available online and really helpful tools such as LinkedIn. Time: 39:42

Meet the panelists 

Bio image of James Valentine

James Valentine (Roundtable Moderator)

James Valentine presents Afternoons on ABC Radio Sydney every weekday and is soon to be the breakfast host for ABC Radio Sydney in 2022. James is also the host of the Australian Seniors Podcast: Life’s Booming.

Bio image of Lisa Sinclair

Lisa Sinclair

Editor of Australian Seniors DARE Magazine. Lisa is a media professional who has worked across the biggest media brands in Australia and London. Lisa is also a trained and accredited organisational coach.

Bio image of Humphrey Armstrong

Humphrey Armstrong

Humphrey is a registered Organisational Psychologist with over 25 years’ experience in assisting organisations, teams and individuals plan for managing change.

Bio image of Dr Marlene Krasovitsky

Dr Marlene Krasovitsky

Dr Marlene Krasovitsky is the Campaign Director for Older Australians with The Benevolent Society. 

Bio image of Tai Rotem

Tai Rotem

Tai is a Consulting Partner at Mymavins, a new generation research consulting firm, and has over 25 years’ experience in development and implementing research.

Want to know more about the ‘Ageing in the Workforce research?

This in-depth study of over 5,000 Australians aged over 50, explores the current issues that the senior community face in the workforce. Ageism, discrimination, stereotypes, and assumptions, the impact of the pandemic, how we feel about retirement, and what we are doing to upskill and remain in the workplace. 

Key findings:

  • Almost 2 in 3 seniors believe they have definitely, or possibly directly, experienced age discrimination within the workplace 
  • 3 in 4 are currently doing or planning to do things to take more control of their career
  • Over 1 in 4 admit they have tried to give the impression that they are younger than their real age at work or when applying for jobs past the age of 50

Australian Seniors Aged Care Futures Grant

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Australian Seniors Technology Grant

Technology education and upskilling is so important; therefore, we want to help aid project funding to seniors across Australia. As a result of this, we will be launching the Australian Seniors Technology Grant. 

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