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Protect your home with the right type of home insurance

Protect your home with the right type of home insurance

With extreme weather predicted to get worse in the future, it’s even more important that Australians have good home and contents insurance.

Extreme weather events are on the rise in Australia. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, since the 1970s, rainfall has increased in the northwest of Australia, and fallen in the southern parts of the country. This has led to more flooding in some parts of the country, and a longer and more dangerous fire season in others – putting Australian homes at greater risk.1

That’s why it’s essential to have home insurance that protects your home from the effects of extreme weather.

Protecting your most important asset

Having the right home insurance is particularly important for older Australians, who may be looking to sell the family home to help fund their retirement.

Many senior Australians have money tied up in their home that they hope to access later on. That’s why we urge older Australians to make sure they have enough insurance to totally rebuild if the worst happens.

Affordable cover for seniors

While most of us understand the importance of insuring our homes and belongings, the cost can sometimes be prohibitive. That’s why Australian Seniors Insurance Agency offers a choice of competitively priced, quality home insurance options – so you can match your cover to your needs and budget.

Find out more today

To find out more about Australian Seniors home and contents insurance cover options, go to www.seniors.com.au or call 13 13 43.


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