Frequently Asked Questions - Luggage and Travel document

What is the limit of cover for each item that is lost, stolen, or damaged while travelling?

Cover for an individual item (or pair of items) is subject to the following limits:

  • Mobile phones: $2,000
  • Laptops, tablets or personal hand-held computers: $4,000
  • Medical aids (such as dental prosthesis): $3,500
  • All other items: $750

Can I claim on clothing that is damaged or stained by leakage inside my suitcase?

Yes – subject to terms, conditions and limits outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Can I claim on lost, stolen or damaged rental items?

No – any personal effects must be owned by the policyholder in order to be covered.

What happens if my luggage gets delayed?

If your policy covers delayed luggage, we will pay you up to $500 after the first 24 hours of all your luggage being delayed to help purchase additional clothing or other essential items. This benefit amount will be doubled if your luggage and personal effects have not been returned after 72 hours (not available on Essential Cover).

Can I claim on items or personal effects confiscated at customs?

No – items confiscated or destroyed by customs or other legal authorities are not covered.

My credit card was stolen and used for unauthorized transactions. What can be claimed?

We may cover the cost of obtaining a new card plus any fraudulent losses due to illegal or unauthorised transactions, subject to terms and conditions in our Product Disclosure Statement.

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